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Custom Silicone Original Soap Molds and Candle Molds

 Happy Heart Soap Soaps by Gloria Soap
In Dogs we Trust Soap Talking Soap
Custom Soap & Candle Design for Your Business, Soap & Candle Line

Custom Original Design & Talking Soap Pricing – $295.00
Soap Mold

If you are looking to get a Custom Soap or Candle Made. Please Read for My Pricing and Details. Each original mold is personally sculpted and the silicone is hand poured.

The price includes my sculpting fee and one silicone soap bar mold or candle mold.I sculpt Your design, cast a mold, make a master, You can have additional Molds made, from the Master I will keep for your future molds needed. I have found that people like me to make future molds as they don't have the proper equipment, or the years making molds that I have behind me.

I use the highest Quality silicone, I re-evaluate silicone each year to bring You the Best and latest Silicone formulated for Soap & Candle making. Each mold is personally hand poured using the Equipment that eliminates the excess air from the silicone as working with it, this not only creates a soft and flexible mold, however its a stronger and longer lasting mold than molds not made this way

Introducing My "Talking Soap" – Custom Soap Bar Made for You
  • Weddings
  • Your Business or Personal Name
  • Your Favorite Message
  • Embossed Lettering

The photos show sample soaps made. If you have a Primitive line, these letters are wonderful, they are deeply impressed to capture all of your spices.

  • "My Heart is Happy" Sample Soap
  • "Soaps by Gloria" Sample Oval Soap Bar
  • "In Dogs We Trust" Sample Guest Soap bar

Talking Soap....... Custom Silicone Soap Mold will be created with your very own message or company name. Deeply embossed lettering and words per your request. I have been making custom silicone molds for my customers for years; in this listing you can get your very own personal soap made. You can see in my photo samples a lot of letters fit onto a soap bar. Simply ask me to see if what you would like will work. This price includes my sculpting fee and a one-cavity, soft and flexible silicone soap mold. Simply email me with your questions. Your mold will be shipped 12 to 14 days after payment is received since this is a custom handmade order.

Many shapes and sizes available:

Length 3.5" x Width 2.25" x Height/Thickness 3/4" to 1"

Length 3.5" Width 2.5" Height 3/4" to 1"

Length 2.5" x Width 1.75" Height/Thickness 1"

See above photos to see samples. Sizes may vary slightly as these are custom and handmade soap bars. This is a handmade original. Copyright 2009/2011

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