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Dear Esteemed Customer...

These high quality silicone molds can be used for both soaps or candles. Each mold is personally hand poured. These are all original pieces; you won't find them anywhere else. Premium, super soft and flexible silicone is used—easy to use and care for.

My mold making technique eliminates bubbles from the silicone, I have made an investment in this equipment to make a superior and longer lasting mold for my customers, while maintaining a super soft and flexible silicone soap or wax mold.

Please keep in mind that differences in prices reflect the degree of difficulty involved in producing each work of art. Some of the sculptures are very difficult to produce.

Sculptures in Soap is always striving to improve its products, and always creating new works of art to produce in the medium of soap and wax. Our customers are a source of our best ideas. If you have any ideas or requests please inform your sales representative...your ideas are greatly appreciated.

We have new designs on the horizon, so please bookmark our web site and return often.

Thank you so much for all of your expressions of delight!

Many Soft Nickers from "Sculptures in Soap"

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